About Us

Sew Lovely is based in the Nelson Lakes region of New Zealand’s South Island. The area is well known for its bush and scenery. Lake Rotoroa and Gowan River are world renowned for their trout fishing.

At Sew Lovely, our products are made with this beauty in mind.

Our range of products includes:

Possum fur, Merino, canvas for outdoor wear, fleece and knitwear.

Possum Fur is a natural product, but can be dyed to give a range of
colours for style and choice. The fibres are hollow giving it great insulation properties. It is reputed to be the second warmest fur known, making it suitable for a number of uses, either using the pelt or as loose fur blended with other fibres.
  • Hats and scarves for day and night
  • Handbags for day and evening use
  • Booties and mittens to keep babies' precious fingers and toes warm
  • Pet products for a contented pet

Merino is also a natural product. Merino wool makes very lightweight yet warm clothing for all age groups. Merino is often mixed with Possum fur making a high-quality yarn. At Sew Lovely we use both the yarn (for our knitted products) and the material for a range of clothing.

Canvas: our canvas (14oz) has an oil-based coating giving it waterproof qualities. It is not stiff, making it easy for walking and sitting. This material is hardwearing yet lightweight and durable.

Fleece: While Polar Fleece is not a natural product it has been used in our range for its flexibility – especially in our outdoor range. We also use polar fleece for our dog clothing business (www.dollydogs.co.nz)

Knitwear: We make a range of knitted garments, mainly in Possum Merino or 100% Perendale wool (NZ High Country sheep).

DOLLY DOGS: We also make a range of clothing for your dog. Please see the link to Dolly Dogs on our home page

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